Saturday, March 20, 2010


Atelier Bow-Wow, House Tower, Tokyo. Photograph, Sectional Model, Sectional Perspective Drawing. The staircase 'shaft' is used to separate each room, and divides small service spaces from larger living spaces.

MVRDV, Rooftop Extension, Didden Village. Hanging single and double spiral staircases.

Levitate Architects, Bookshelf staircase, London.

Sou Fujimoto, Final Wooden House, Kumamoto. Concept section and photographs. A realisation of the architect's interest in the 'cave house'. Internal spaces are dispersed over a series of levels/platforms - inhabitable stairs..? A variety of spaces are formed through the stacked arrangement of a timber block module - how each space is used is not specified by the architect; rather, he envisages that occupants can choose how they use each space based on size, proportion, light, privacy etc.